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3 Best Ways to Maintain Peterbilt Trucks in Good Condition

What drives a trucking career to success? On-time deliveries? Yes, exactly! But you can only achieve that if your Peterbilt trucks are always at peak efficiency. The last thing any trucker would ever need is a vehicle that suddenly turns out of service on the road when such a vehicle is supposedly under the control of its handler.


Hence, even if your trucks are in good condition, preventative maintenance is still always beneficial to both owners and drivers. The more you take care of your units, the more they last longer which means the hauls keep moving and more loads are secured.


As an owner-operator, there are tasks you can do to show some TLC to your Peterbilt. Of course, when things go out of hand, it’s time to contact the trucking pros.


1. Do a regular cleaning.

A clean air filter and fuel vent can help lessen fuel usage and most importantly, can give you accurate fuel readings, respectively. Don’t be complacent with your fuel vent as there might be insects that will find it a comfortable place to stay, so keep an eye.


2. Perform a regular inspection on the following:

  • Tires

If you want your Peterbilt to ‘last a lifetime’ and achieve optimum fuel economy, always remember to check the condition and pressure of your tires. Follow what’s stipulated in the manufacturer’s manual as to the tires’ recommended inflation levels and maintain that level at all times. Be on the lookout for these instances: alignment, suspension and uneven tire wear as these are among the most critical areas of preventative maintenance.

  • Radiator

Another factor that keeps 18-wheelers running mightily for a long time is its temperature control, so always check your radiator before you embark on every new route. Leaks are the most common cases to watch out for as these cause overheating of the engine. A good patch will do if you can detect a leak early otherwise you need to get a replacement which can cost a fortune.

  • Brakes

If you’re a seasoned driver, you’d know something is wrong with the brakes if you start hearing unusual squeaking sounds or vibrations. But if you aren’t, seek the help of a professional mechanic. Moreover, determine beforehand how much load you would be hauling the next time in order to have a vehicle running smoothly.


3. Change fluids regularly.

What we normally know is that heavy-duty trucks need clean engine oil and therefore, a regular oil change is essential. But, did you know that there are also other equally-important fluids that need to be changed?

We’re talking about antifreeze fluid or coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and the like. Yes, all these need to be inspected and changed, too, if you want your Peterbilt running at peak efficiency.


In addition, all moving parts should be greased, thus you have to inspect all the different areas in your big rig. Parts that are well-lubricated can make your equipment last for years and at the same time require less maintenance. The only downside is, that it’s a messy job but it’s worth it – your truck stays in tip-top shape!


If you want your semi to be in good hands, deal only with legit Peterbilt service centers. Thinking of fleet expansion? Check out this link to find a used but reliable Peterbilt 379 for sale.

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