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Methods And Parts Of Quran Learning

For the sake of learning of Quran, there are multiple methodologies and procedures are followed for hundreds of years. But the methodologies and procedures of learning have been changed with time according to the latest technologies. The technology has been moderate so the way to transfer information or convening knowledge has been changed thoroughly.  

Now the method of learning has also been changed in Islamic education concerning modern technology. In the history of Islam, Quran learning was very simple. There was one teacher that will teach the holy Quran and multiple people learn it at a time. The first teacher of the Holy Quran was Prophet Muhammad SAW and their companions were the first class of Quran learning. These classes were conducted mostly after the prayers in the mosque. All of the students were gathered in the mosque for the sake of learning the Quran. This method is still used in Islamic countries to learn Quran in mosques.

The second method of learning of Holy Quran can also be conducted through Quran application. Multiple applications of different tutor recitations have been launched. Many the people learn Quran by using these applications. This application can also able to the people to learn translation, Tajweed, and Tafseer.

The third and the latest method of Quran learning is online Quran academies. Hundreds of online Quran academies are working to facilitate people from all over the world. The basic purpose of these academies is to teach the Holy Quran to the Muslims of non-Muslim countries. That has limited opportunities to get knowledge of their religion and religious book. Online Quran academies will facilitate the online Quran memorization, translation, Tajweed, and Tafseer to the Muslims of all over the world 

Quran Learning has two basic parts:

1- Translation

2- Memorization

Online Quran learning has a trending way of learning all the aspects of the holy Quran. Different types f tutors are available for online Quran translation. You can choose a tutor of your own choice. You have a facility to check out the methods of Quran learning of all the tutors and select the teacher whose teaching methodology you like most. If you are a female you can choose a female tutor. For males, many male teachers will not only teach you the translation but also the detailed discussion of every chapter of the Quran. 

In online Quran translation, you will be able to learn the Tafseer of each chapter of the Holy Quran. If you want to discuss any of the fiqh issues your tutor will be available all the time to resolve your matters. If you did not get a satisfactory answer from your tutor you will also have an opportunity to discuss the issues with the most famous fiqh Alims. 

Whenever we talk about the memorization of the holy Quran online Quran academies will provide you with the best environment for you and also your child to memorize the holy Quran. Online Quran memorization is the best and easiest way for your Childs to memorize the Quran without going anywhere in the institute of Quran memorization. It will save your money expenses to travel towards the institutions and also give a reliable environment. 

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