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What Are Post-Launch Shopify Checks? Emarspro

After the successful launch of Shopify Plus Store, there are different things to test. There are various aspects to check after launching Shopify to determine the lead generation rate. Get as many as possible people to test the working of the website. You might get a number of questions, queries, and responses from your customers that will help to improve your online presence.

Read this article to find a list of post-launch Shopify checks. Emarspro offers professional-grade Shopify expert services at the best price.

1# Go For Test Orders:

Once you have launched your store on Shopify Plus Store, it is very important to do as many tests as possible. It will help you find bugs and issues for running a smooth business. You must follow the below-mentioned tips while testing your websites on Shopify:

  • Always test all kinds of payment methods available in your store
  • Try to run your website on different devices
  • Do not forget to test the refund process including partial refund or full refund
  • Always check the MOTO order process

Get Shopify expert services to test your e-commerce Shopify store from different aspects after launch.

2# Send Reactivation Emails To Customers:

Do not forget to send reactivation emails to your customers to make sure that they have reactivated their accounts or retained their accounts. If you are sending reactivation emails via ESP, you can also track the number of clicks and you can also send follow-ups to non-openers. You can also test it before launching a Shopify Plus Store.

3# Do Not Avoid Integrations:

Make sure that your store is handling all the orders perfectly in terms of integrations. You must look at the below-mentioned things during integration:

  • Handling of notification
  • Store credit usage
  • All possible delivery types
  • All possible payment methods
  • Refunds and partial refunds
  • Use of gift cards
  • Use of discount codes

Hire a professional-grade Shopify consultant for accurate handling of everything on your e-commerce store.

4# Check 404 Handling Process:

Besides testing existing redirects, it is recommended to check the 404 handling process. You can also use Transportr Redirect Apps for monitoring 404s. Do not avoid it as it can cause major problems while promoting your store. For redirect testing, use Deep Crawl and Screaming Frog. These tools make sure that all destination URLs return a 200 response code.

5# Check All Google Analytics:

Testing Google Analytics setup and conversion tracking are very important to promote the right face of your company. Always test the below-mentioned tests for conversion tracking:

  • Channel attribution
  • International and local traffic
  • Currency conversion box
  • Accurate reporting of currency
  • Referrer exclusions
  • Addition of custom dimensions
  • Setup and working of custom reports

Elevar is highly recommended for tracking Google Analytics and setting up Google Tag Manager. A certified Shopify consultant can help you test all Google Analytics that attracts more traffic and increases return on investment. Keep visiting our website to hire our experts!

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